A team of dedicated book lovers, trawling through their favourite book experiences and book memories decided to put together an all-time favourite set of books and embellished them with the best illustrations, the most endearing text, eye-catching layouts, and some of the best book fetures... Ending up with books that make young readers and the young at heart want to pick them up and read them through and through...

The team at Sona & Jacob Books has over 15 years of experience with illustration, design and copywriting. Our books are created with illustrations that span a whole gamut of styles - whimsical, humorous, graphic, wacky, classic... rendered in a wide variety of finishes - water colour, poster colour, mixed media, digital and more... The books boast of interesting design features like 3D title graphics, textured text boxes, series title units... And are written to witty perfection by two-full time writers with over 15 years of writing experience under their belts.

Featuring finely crafted illustrations, beautifully written text and the best book layouts you will see, Sona & Jacob Books are thoughtfully put together and all titles have a special emphasis on high quality learning and entertainment for young minds.

Our books span all time favourites like fables, folk tales, fairy tales, rhymes, mythology and classics, as well as bible stories, picture books, early learning books, activity books and more...

To know more about us and our books, do get in touch with us.

We are looking for international publishers who would be interested in buying rights for our books.

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  Adam and Eve    |    Cain and Abel   |   Noah and the Ark    |    The Tower of Babel    |    The Story of Abraham    |    Jacob and the Ladder
  The Story of Joseph    |    The Story of Moses    |    Samson & Delilah    |    Ruth & Naomi    |    David & Goliath    |    Solomon & the Temple of God
  Elijah & the Prophets of Baal    |    The Fiery Furnace    |    Daniel & the Lions    |    Jonah & the Whale
  Baby in the Manger    |    A Child in the Temple of God   |   The First Miracle    |    The Story of the Living Water       
  Fishers of Men    |    The Sermon on the Mount    |    John the Baptist    |    Death on the Cross   |    The Empty Tomb    |    The Apostles
  Stephen the Apostle    |    Paul the Servant of the Lord    |    The Parables of the Lord    |    Mastery over Nature   
  Jesus Feeds the Multitude    |    The Lord & Lazarus  
Illustrated Classics
  Pride and Prejudice    |    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer    |    Twelfth Nigh    |    Tale of Two Cities   |    Don Quixote    |    Dracula
  Macbeth    |    Robinson Crusoe    |    Treasure Island    |    Romeo and Juliet   |    Man in the Iron mask    |    Moby Dick    |    Kidnapped
  Prisoner of Zenda    |    The Taming of the Shrew    |    Great Expectations
Fairy Tales
  Ali Baba    |    Alladin    |    The Beauty and the Beast    |    Cinderella   |    The Emperor's new CLothes    |    Goldilocks   |    hansel & Gretel
  Jack & the Beanstalk    |    Little Mermaid    |    Princess & the Pea    |    Little Red Riding Hood   |    Sleeping Beauty
  Snowwhite & the Seven Dwarves    |    Three Little Pigs    |    Thumbelina    |    The Ugly Duckling  
  The Queen of Hearts & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Three Blind Mice & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Baa Baa Black Sheep & 14 Other Rhymes
  Mary had a Little Lamb & 14 Other Rhymes    |    London Bridge & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Jack & Jill & 14 Other Rhymes
  Humpty Dumpty & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Old Mother Hubbard & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Hey Diddle, Diddle & 14 Other Rhymes
  Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Ding Dong Bell & 14 Other Rhymes    |    Little Bo-Peep & 14 Other Rhymes   

Folk Tales

  The Baker's Dozen   |    Chicken Little    |    Doctor Know All    |    The Enormous Turnip   |    Forty Fortunes    |    The Gingerbread Man
  The Golden Goose    |    The Magic Brocade    |    The Musicians of Bremen    |    The Old Sandals   |    The Ox and the DOnkey
  The Princess Mouse    |    The Sea King's Daughter    |    The Tongue-cut Sparrow    |    The Valiant Little Tailor  
Aesop's Fables
  The Lion and the Mouse    |    The Milkmaid and the Pail    |    The Man, the Boy and the Donkey    |    The Shepherd-boy and the Wolf
  The Ass in the Lion's Skin    |    The Bear and the Two Travellers    |    The Ant and the Grasshopper    |    The Frogs Desiring a King
  The Hare and the Tortoise    |    The Hares and the Frogs    |    The Hart and the Hunter    |    The Lion in Love   |   
  The Old Woman and the Physician    |    The Thief and the Innkeeper    |    The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing    |    The Lion, the Bear and the Fox
Animal Funnies
  A Bit of Bread for Blippo Bubblehead    |    Pooh! Ellie gets Very Smelly    |    Rocko goes Coco-Loco   
  A Ttiger Called Stripe Loves Mangoes that are Ripe    |    Why Gina the Giraffe needed a Scarf    |    Slither the Snake gets a Bad Headache
  Doctor Chimpanzoo needs Lots of Glue    |    The Monkey Twins fall like Ninepins
Pre-School Learning
  Alphabet    |    Numbers    |    Colours & Shapes    |    Opposites   |    My Body    |    All My Toys    |    People at Work    |    Good Habits
  My Clothes    |    Around My House    |    Fruits & Vegetables    |    My Food   |    Domestic Animals    |    Wild Animals    |    Baby Animals
12 Tasks of Hercules
  The Nemean Lion    |    The Lernaean Hydra    |     The Hind of Ceryneia    |    The Erymanthian Boar   |    The Augean Stables
  The Stymphalian Birds    |    The Cretan Bull    |    The Mares of Diomedes    |    The Belt of Hippolyta   |    The Cattle of Geryon
  The Apples of the Hesperides    |    Cerberus